Battle of currency; Swedish Krona drops against Euro


On Wednesday, the distance between the Swedish krona against the euro widens. This happened after the interest rate of the country’s central bank was cut. The announcement about the bond-buying program didn’t help. The euro gained about 1% against the krona in the minutes after the announcement, hitting a high …

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AstraZeneca two-in-one drug might cure lung disease


On Wednesday, AstraZeneca revealed that its experimental lung drug PT003 against chronic lung disease had been successful in the last two final-stage Phase III trials. This is such a great day for the company. The drug, which AstraZeneca acquired after buying Pearl Therapeutics two years ago, combines a long-acting beta-2 …

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Study says flaws in Graphene Improves Fuel Cells


Introducing flaws into graphene helps in improving the cells as well as making them more efficient than before, says a new research. Graphene is used in fuel cells. While the honeycomb structure found in pristine atom-thick graphene is beautiful, allowing it to have a number of tiny holes results in …

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General Mills attribute Revenue Fall to stronger dollar

general mills  

General Mills Inc. revealed that their February profits decrease by 16%. The revenue fell because of the restructuring-related charges as well as a stronger U.S. dollar. Other food companies got affected. However, shares rose 1.9% to $53.05 in recent premarket trading as earnings excluding one-time items beat expectations. Several major …

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