Banking arbitration makes consumers cry


US: Arbitration clauses in the fine print of credit card and checking account agreements harm consumers by limiting the compensation they can receive in disputes with financial firms, the nation’s top consumer financial guardian said. More than 75 percent of consumers didn’t know if they were subject to the clauses, many …

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OECD believes there was a Global Economic Growth in 2014


OECD: Global economy grew at a slightly faster pace in 2014, as a modest revival in the eurozone and a pickup in India helped offset slowdowns in China and Japan. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Wednesday said the combined gross domestic output of the Group of 20 largest economies …

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Turkey might be right in banning Minecraft


Turkey wants to ban Minecraft (Sandbox independent video game). Naturally, the Internets are in an uproar because this is so obviously ridiculous. After all, we’re talking about a wildly popular game that’s mostly played by kids who spend their time innocently building stuff, and tending sheep, and hanging with their friends. …

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German teachers on strike till they get higher wages

Germany Strikes-1  

Thousands of public service workers in Germany are staging a short-term strike in a bid to receive higher wages and preserve pension benefits. The ver.di union said teachers and other public employees including police and firefighters walked off the job in multiple states Wednesday to put pressure on the government …

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Users can replace their old Apple Watch’s battery

apple smart watch  

Now Apple Watch’s battery will be replaceable, the company has said, allaying fears the wearable could be rendered obsolete within a few years. Apple chief executive Tim Cook announced the three versions of the watch, the standard Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the luxury Watch Edition, will go on sale …

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Sony is pulling the plug on PlayStation Mobile in July


Sony Corporation’s PlayStation Mobile is going the way of the dodo. The company announced Wednesday that it will stop publishing content for the platform on July 15. According to a message posted to the PlayStation support forums, purchased content will be accessible to users through the site through Sept. 10, …

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Failed deal to save Bay Area hospitals blamed at AG Harris

bay area hospitals  

A strategy to rescue a financially disturbed Bay Area hospital system fell through Tuesday after the buyer, Prime Healthcare, announced that it was withdrawing its offer. Prime Healthcare blamed Attorney General Kamala Harris for killing the deal. The Daughters of Charity Health System, which operates four hospitals in the Bay …

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Youth in Rural US Communities more prone to Suicide

Prone to suicide  

A recent study reveals that young people in rural US communities are more likely to commit suicide as compared to those in urban areas. The study has also found that the gap is mounting. According to researchers, it was found that presently suicide is double as frequent in young rural American people as …

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