Hillary Rodham Clinton Didn’t use official email as Secretary

Report indicates that Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton did not follow protocol while serving as the Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Instead of using the official email id assigned to her, she used her personal one for all communications.

According to Marie Harf, the secondary spokesperson for the department, the department had contacted all the individuals who had served as secretary of state to send across the details of email communications during their tenure.  Ms. Clinton sent across all the details during which the usage of her personal email id was discovered.

The State Department says it has “long had access to a wide array” of Clinton’s records, including emails sent between her and officials with an official state.gov email address.

Harf says current Secretary of State John Kerry is the first person in that job to primarily use an official state.gov email account.

Clinton’s use of a personal email account while secretary of state was first reported by The New York Times.

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