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Its Final, Apple agrees to be traded on Dow Jones

U.S. Apple Inc: March this year Apple inc will be listed on the Dow Jones. This is one addition to the century only Industrial catalog, which is looked at eagerly by all investors.

This is also significant for Apple Inc. Over a period, the company has been at the forefront of innovation and technology in the US. Based out for California Cupertino, the company has shown income of 18 billion dollars over a three-month period in January. Boosted by a rise in number of iPhones sold, this was the best revenue in a quarter earned by the company.

Apple will certainly replace the Telecom giant AT&T Inc., based on McGraw Hill Financial Inc.’s unit S&P Dow Jones Indices., owning Apple’s Dow. shares of 1.5 % rise in the middle of the day, on a Friday exchange at $127.86.
Apple’s addition will govern the dominance of technology in the Dow, which was started in 1999 when Microsoft Corp. and its semiconductor Intel Corp. joined Dow Jones – a nod towards the “New Economy” boom sweeping the United States back then similar to Apple today. Both corporations are listed on NASDAQ. Formerly, all Dow Jones participants were listed in the NY Stock Exchange, although there were not any constraints against owning a NASDAQ stock.

Apple will sign up with the Dow on March 18, at the close of trading. The shake-up will not influence the net worth of the Dow, rising with 1.8% this year and hitting significantly over 90 record closes for the last 2 years. Apple stock has been among the marketplace’s monster performers as of late, publishing an annualized total profit, reflecting cost gains and bonus payments, of 69% within the last year and 36% over a 10-year period.

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