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Marijuana seized: 1,700 pounds of marijuana was found

Marijuana seized: About $1.7M worth and 1,700 pounds of marijuana was found in a man’s semi-truck after a Official of Department of Public Safety Caught him over early Tuesday morning, according to a DPS press release.

The officer pulled over 64-year-old Nathaniel Fripp, from Lithonia, Ga., around 1:12 a.m. for a traffic violation and became suspicious during the stop, the statement said.

After getting permission, the officer searched the trailer, opened boxes stored inside and found 1,658 pounds of marijuana, according to DPS.
Marijuana Cannabis worth-1.7-million Found
DPS detectives estimated the marijuana has a street value of $1.7 million. Fripp was charged with possession of marijuana for sale and transportation of marijuana for sale.

The traffic stop occurred outside of the metro Phoenix area, according to DPS. The agency declined to give further information.

Semitruck that Stored All the Marijuana-truck
Semitruck that stored All the Marijuana

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