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uTorrent: Miner quietly inserted without Consent

The new update of the uTorrent software quietly insters a riskware cryptocurrency miner.  The Bitcoin miner, Epic Scale tool slows down the host computer.  The riskware is installed without consent and is mostly hard to remove. The BitTorrent Inc denies about the installation without the approval of the user.

The epic scale software implies to use the unused processing power. The bitcoin runs in the background, and it claims to help process scientific data. The software does no harm to the PC, but it could if it is abused by the malware.  The relatively discreet nature makes it open to such abuse.

Bitcoin-COinsHowever, it is easy to uninstall the software through the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.  The data left after the un-installation in the ProgramDataEpicsacle is  the Unique User ID. The UUID can be used to re-install the Epic Scale and to associate the BitTorrent.

In addition, the folder can be deleted, and there won’t be any persistent auto re-install of the software.

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