Massive Recall of 878,000 Nissan Vehicles

Nissan is the latest to add their name to the growing list of car manufactures who are making recalls this year. The Nissan Motor Company has now expanded the recall list to all across North America. The end result is going to be 878,000 vehicles which have a malfunction with the hood latch. Several have already flown away while being driven. The particular model on the chopping block is the Nissan Altima Sedan, the top selling of its models.

The recall comes after the United States Safety Regulatory beefed up their statutes. Although some experts few this as a minor issue, they still need to look into it to make sure that it is not more dangerous than they think.

According to the car makers, there is a second latch designed to hold on to the hood in case the primary latch fails. But, for the car models manufactured during the period of  2013 to 2015, there are good chances that the second latch may not hold as well.
Nissan Officials have accepted the fact that the root cause of the issue is yet unknown. But they believe firmly that the hoods will not fly off, if they remain untouched during driving or before it. The recall is being done primarily to find out the root cause and to prevent the situation to arise again.

As it happens, there are no reported injuries or crashes due to the hoods flying off from a Nissan Altima Sedan. The only reports suggest damage done to other vehicles on the road. Nissan  Altima Sedan is one of the top selling sedans of the United States, placed after Toyota Motor’s Camry.

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