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Pebble Time Explodes On Kickstarter

The Pepple Time smartwatch has more than three weeks before its release and it has already has become the most funded Kickstarter campaign in history. The second generation of the smartwatch has racked in $15.4 million with over 62,000 backers on the list. This is not strange for the maker since the first iteration racked in $10 million in 2012.

Although, now Pebble has some competition on its heals. With tech giants like Samsung, LG and Apple stepping out with their own smartwatch, it is anybody’s game as to who is going to be the smartwatch leader. As it stands, Pepple Time is looking really nice to consumers.

“We had hoped you’d like what we’ve been working on…but you never know for sure until you launch!” the company wrote in a campaign update last week. “The good news is that you’ve made it crystal clear. And we thank you immensely for this.”
pebble timeThe Pebble Time features a full-color e-ink screen, similar to those on the most recent generations of the Kindle e-reader. It does not, however, have an LCD or OLED touch screen like some of the newer entrants into the smartphone market.

It can be used in direct sunlight, and because e-ink uses less power than other screen types, promises seven-day battery life. It works with Apple and Android devices as well as packing more than 6,000 Pebble apps of its own.

The campaign got a new burst of energy, and cash, this week when Pebble Technology announced the addition of Pebble Time Steel — a more business-wear looking watch with a stainless steel case — and “smartstraps.”

The straps contain electronics and sensors that let them interact with the watch itself. Pebble is opening up the platform that runs the straps to developers to see what sort of hacks they come up with.

A Pebble Time can be had for $179 and a Time Steel for $250.

With its massive haul, Pebble Time has surpassed the Coolest cooler, which raised more than $13 million in August. The Coolest has a built-in blender, Bluetooth speaker and built-in USB charger.

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