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Government file a suit against DirecTV for deceptive ad

The government is suing DirecTV.  Regulators allege the satellite TV company misled millions of consumers about the cost of a discounted 12 month package through deceptive advertising.  The Federal Trade Commission accuses the company of being unclear that a contract was required, that the price would go up half way through the contract, and that there would be hefty fees to cancel.  In published reports, DirecTV is denying the FTC’s claims.


This tax season, the most popular way to use a refund is to pay down debt.  That’s according to one survey.  Bankrate.com found for those expecting to get money back from the government, nearly half will use it to pay creditors, while others plan to save or invest it.  Very few say they plan to splurge on something more fun.

Not every day a treasure hunt turns up a rare collection of ancient coins.  But the University of Buffalo has stumbled upon a priceless collection they’ve had for decades.  A faculty member rediscovered them in a campus vault.  He heard about them from an alumnus and went searching.  The coins are part of a 1935 donation and date back to the fifth century BC.


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