Decorate a dull Internet browser With Google ‘Art Project’

Google internet giant now desires to provide a touch of elegance along with lifestyle to your internet browser.

The Web giant has released a brand new add on for Chrome, designed to “breathe a bit of lifestyle within your day.” The Art Project file extension delivers works of art from Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, as well as some other legendary artists to your internet browser once you open a new tabs in Chrome.
Some of the featured paintings include Claude-Joseph Vernet’s A Calm at a Mediterranean Port, Winter Scene in Brooklyn by Francis Guy, Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Pomegranate by Jacob van Hulsdonck, and Van Gogh’s Landscape at Saint-Rémy (Enclosed Field with Peasant).

The Google Cultural Institute gathered the featured works from museums around the world, including the J. Paul Getty Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Dallas Museum of Art, and more. The artwork is refreshed daily, or you can right-click in your browser to change your settings so that you’ll see a different painting each time you open a new tab. You can also click the refresh button next to the painting’s name to see a new piece.

If a particular painting happens to strike your fancy, you can click the image description to discover more on the Google Cultural Institute website.

The new Web extension comes after Google in October launched a separate plug-in for Chrome called Earth View, which brings satellite images from Google Maps to your browser every time you open a new tab.

Head over to the Chrome Web Store to download the Google Art Project for free.

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