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FDA allows the use of drug to remove Double Chin

FDA panel approved a new way to remove double chin. Double chin might not be as big as diseases, but it is still a problem.

The drug, known simply as ATX-101 was tested by a dermatologists in order to receive its approval.
double chin
Dr. Susan Weinkle, of Bradenton, in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, says of the clinical trials, “I found that it was safe and amazingly effective.” This could mean it might be a great alternative to other cosmetic treatments presently available which may be more dangerous or carry other side effects.

Of course, this FDA approval is provisional as it still awaits final approval pending the clinical test results. Still, the drug is easy to administer and after just a few sessions the extra fat is gone. The drug works by using a molecular which naturally occurs in the human body to destroy the fat cells around the injection site.

Dr. Weinkle adds, “It’s gone forever. It doesn’t come back, so when that fat cell dissolves and is reabsorbed and excreted, it never comes back.”

She makes sure to mention that this treatment would likely be much more affordable than other surgery, especially considering how impressed she has been with the results.

“It’s really the first in class, we don’t have anything in our toolbox similar, we have nothing that we can inject that’s FDA approved, safe, and effective that can decrease excess fat,” she comments.

In regards to certain concerns that it might be abused, she responds, “We as physicians have the liberty of using a product how we see fit, and then we have to take responsibility for that.”

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  1. You’ll still have that fat butt and all the terrible health problems it causes. Grow up little boys and girls and take care of your health, forget the cosmetics.

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