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Google launches YouTube 360 degree videos on Androids

Google announced on Friday its YouTube will now support 360 degree features for the Android platform. Talks have been in process with 360 degree film cams producers like RICOH THETA, Real Tech’s Allie, Kodak’s SP360IC, Bublcam and Giroptic’s 360cam.

The motivation behind these get togethers was to verify that YouTube would have the capacity to play such features made with their cams. For the present, those shooting 360 degree features will need to incorporate a script that will permit YouTube to transfer the video with the right metadata. Later on, Google plans to have this done Automatically.

With the upgrade to YouTube for Android, users can move their telephone or tablet around while a 360 degree feature plays, keeping in mind the end goal to catch the majority of the distinctive points on the screen. And while this feature is currently available only for Android users, Google is working to bring this to iOS.

The few videos that as of now have this feature are stunning. I for one appreciated “360 Camera- Wingsuit Balloon Rope Swing” by FullMag. Using the new technology you can now look to one side and see the vast landscape from the height of a hot air balloon, then see people rope swinging off of it.

Be that as it may, these features are moderately hard to deliver. Cams, for example, a Bubl or Giroptic are being produced to make the methodology of shooting features, for example, these less demanding.

Look at the playlist underneath to see every one of the six of the diverse samples of 360-degree possibilites.

The impact is best attained to on a cell phone following the feature utilizes the viewer’s development to look around.

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