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Shareholders want Tim Cook to acquire Tesla

In the near future, electric cars with an iOS software will be possible. Recently, company shareholders ask Apple CEO Tim Cook to buy Apple-Tesla.

At Apple’s recent shareholder meeting, Cook was twice asked by company investors to enter the auto industry by purchasing Tesla, the increasingly popular cutting-edge electric vehicles manufacturer.
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Apparently, during a question and answer session at the meeting, one of the shareholders bluntly expressed his desire that Apple would buy the car company. “Quite frankly, I’d like to see you guys buy Tesla,” he said, in open applause from the other shareholders.

Another investor brought a more sentimental argument, describing how one of the reasons he got involved with Apple is because he fell in love with the company’s computers in 1984. Now, the shareholder said, the new object of his affection – the Tesla Model S – was produced by another company and he would very much like to see that change.

Each time, Tim Cook did not seem eager to offer a clear answer, preferring to diplomatically dodge the subject. It recently became public knowledge that Apple is tempting Tesla employees to join their company, in what is believed to be a secret car project. However, Cook promptly replied that “we don’t have a relationship with Tesla,” although he would “love” to see Tesla implement Apple’s in-car iPhone software, the CarPlay.

The second time he was asked the same question, Apple’s CEO reaffirmed his commitment to CarPlay, again avoiding to take a clear position on the matter. “Was that a good way to avoid the question?” he said afterwards, believing however that it stands among his privileges as CEO to do so.

Referring to the potential acquisition, one shareholder asked “Am I insane to imagine something might happen here?” The idea that Apple will enter the auto business might not be that insane according to some data. Carl Icahn, one of Apple’s biggest shareholders, said the company is working on its own electric car project and he is looking forward to driving an Apple car in the future.

A move in this direction would most definitely be welcomed by Tesla, whose CEO Elon Musk enthusiastically envisaged the idea of using some kind of iOS software on their cars. Musk even confirmed there have been some talks regarding a possible partnership with either Apple or Google, contrary to what Cook said. But any such agreement must come with a strong commitment from the other party that they will keep up with Tesla’s revolutionary perspective on the car industry.

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