Blackberry unveils the new Tablet Secutablet

Blackberry Mobile phones company has come up with a new tablet named Secutablet. It is said the new device is just a modified version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S 10.5.

So what exactly is the modification in the Samsung tablet that totally transformed it into Blackberry’s new tablet device?

Sources said the Secutablet is designed for classified government documents. Blackberry simply tweaked the device to make it invulnerable to any questionable access. This is said to be part of CEO John Chen’s plans of turning the company around and making it the leading enterprise for government orders.

“Security is ingrained in every part of BlackBerry’s portfolio, which includes voice and data encryption solutions,” said Chief Executive Officer of Secusmart GmbH Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle in a statement.

Secusmart is a security company that was purchased by Blackberry last year. The new tablet is reportedly using the same security technology found in the Secusmart Security Card. Quelle noted in the statement that it is still undergoing certification by the German Federal Office for Information Security to verify its security rating, Reuters has learned.

“Working alongside IBM and Samsung, we have added the last link in the chain of the Federal Security Network. Subject to certification of the SecuTABLET, German government agencies will have a new way to access BlackBerry’s most secure and complete communications network in the world,” Quelle added.

It can be noted that Blackberry launched its first tablet four years ago, the said to be pretty consumer-oriented device called PlayBook, However, it didn’t really get the reception the company was hoping for so it was discontinued later on.

Per CNET’s report, Blackberry’s Secutablet is set for release in summer 2015 and it is primarily intended for corporations and governments that want top-notch security from spies and or criminals.

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