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Dot.com is now 30. Celebrations for Symbolics on Sunday

This Sunday will be celebrated as three decades of first ever dot.com registration. It will be the 30th anniversary of symbolics.com, the website that was enrolled then officially by the brand name of same name.

And if you were pondering, the answer is yes –it’s still up and running today. The domain that is… the business collapsed quite some time ago.

“In the past 30 years, the Internet has advanced from an obscure phenomenon utilized fundamentally by scholastics and analysts to a global communication, commerce and information sharing channel that few could visualize life without,” remarked the domain name registration masters at Verisign.

“Actually, almost three billion individuals all over the globe are online today, and more than $300 billion in U.S. e-commerce sales and over $1.3 trillion in worldwide e-commerce sales depend on the Internet.”

At the point when the first registration was made in 1985, few could have ever anticipated that the entire dot.com industry would be worth in excess of $1.3 trillion dollars and reach three billion individuals universally before its 30th anniversary. And things are as yet developing, with the current rate of dot.com domain name enlistments having spiked to an average of one every second.

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