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Astronauts on ISS to carry smart glasses: NASA

NASA announced its astronauts on the ISS space station will in near future be equipped with smart glasses that have been designed by Osterhout Design Group (ODG).
smart glass

The ODG has been awarded a contract by NASA to provide the space agency’s astronauts with electronic, smart glasses. The glasses will be provided for training purposes on Earth and for use as hands-free display devices in space. The glasses are expected to help astronauts in their work aboard the ISS.

The smart glasses will run on Google’s Android Jelly Bean software as well as ODG’s ReticleOS operating system. The glasses feature 3D stereoscopic displays, which are capable of HD video resolution. The glasses integrate military-grade technology.

Describing the glasses, the space agency said, “The glasses will provide astronauts with the ability to overlay digital markers on images of equipment, in order to record progress made during repairs, or remind the space traveler not to remove certain pieces.”

The image projected from the glasses appears to the wearer as equivalent to viewing a 55-inch screen at a distance of eight feet. The availability of an electronic checklist in the glasses will allow the astronauts to track their activities without using their hands.

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