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Carrot will lose Taste due to Climate Change: Scientists

Australian scientists fear climate change will also have great impact on consumers similar to problems faced by farm lands. They believe carrots will lose its taste and steaks will be of poor quality.
climate change
In the recent report – “Appetite for Change” – leading scientists from the University of Melbourne, Professors Richard Eckard and David Karoly, explain what the impacts of changing rainfall patterns, extreme weather conditions, warming oceans, and climate-related diseases will have on the production, quality and cost of tomorrow’s food in Australia.

The scientists say their report has been launched ahead of this year’s Earth Hour, which falls on March 28th – when people will switch off lights and all devices for one hour. Earth hour is a worldwide grassroots movement uniting people to protect the planet.

The authors say they have compiled a list of fifty-five household food items, from poultry, dairy products, seafood, grains, to fruit and vegetables, showing the effects of global warming on them.

“It’s definitely a wake up call when you hear that the toast and raspberry jam you have for breakfast, for example, might not be as readily available in 50 years time.”

“Or that there may be changes to the cost and taste of food items we love and take for granted like avocado and vegemite, spaghetti bolognaise and even beer, wine and chocolate.”

“It makes you appreciate that global warming is not a distant phenomenon but a very real occurrence that is already affecting the things we enjoy in our everyday lives, including the most common of foods we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Heat-waves and bushfires

Of all the harms brought by global warming to Australian farms, the most significant will be the increases in heat-waves and bushfires, they predict.

Prof. Karoly said:

“Global warming is increasing the frequency and intensity of heatwaves and bushfires affecting farms across southern and eastern Australia, and this will get much worse in the future if we don’t act.”

“It’s a daunting thought when you consider that Australian farms produce 93% of the food we eat.”

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