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Hackers got 11 million records from Premera Blue Cross

Hackers don’t care on who will be affected by their action.  This time, the target is Premera Blue Cross, a U.S. based health insurance. Report claimed that 11 million records were exposed.

Premera admitted to being hacked earlier this week on its website. The health insurer said that 11 million customer’s records were accessed by hackers during the security breach.

“Premera Blue Cross has been the target of a sophisticated cyber-attack that gained unauthorized access to our IT systems,” Premare wrote on their website. “Our investigation has not determined that any data was removed from our systems. To date there is no evidence that any data has been used inappropriately.”

Customer’s names, emails, phone numbers Social Security numbers, medical claim information and bank account information were all compromised during the cyber-attack.

The breach was discovered on January 29, but Premera said the intrusion happened nearly a year ago in May 2014.

Premera said that it’s working with the FBI and cybersecurity firm Mandiant to investigate the issue and make sure the hackers aren’t using the customer information inappropriately.

The cyber-attack not only affected Premera Blue Cross customers, it also affected affiliated brands Vivacity and Connexion Insurance Solutions.

The health insurer is offering free credit monitor and identity theft protection services for two years to customers who might’ve been affected.

Premera is the second health insurance to be a victim of a cyber-attack this year. Last month Anthem was hacked and over 80 million customer records were accessed.

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