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To close range anxiety Tesla announces Model S update

Model S from the stable of Tesla Motors is to get an update on Thursday to address all-electric range in some form.
Elon Musk, the CEO, has made it a practice to announce news for the company using his personal Twitter handle. On Sunday morning, he said: “About to end range anxiety…via (over-the-air) software update. Affects entire Model S fleet.”

He said the announcement would be 9 a.m. Thursday. Company officials confirmed that is 9 a.m. Pacific time.

Tesla’s Model S has an embedded wireless Internet connection and the company has used it to perform several updates over time to the vehicle. In many respects, this function of the Model S is what separates it from other car makers in terms of using the state of the art because Tesla has used the updates to not only improve the multimedia system, but also address drive and performance and safety issues.

Tesla’s electric cars already have the longest range of any electric vehicles on the road. The base model, with a 60 kwh battery, is EPA rated to go 208 miles. The 85 kwh version can travel 265 miles on a charge. In addition, Telsa has built hundreds of Supercharger stations where Tesla owners can stop and recharge their batteries free in around 30 minutes using a 130 kW direct charge system.

A company spokesman declined to comment on whether the update would optimize the electrical system to wring out more range or update the interface to give users a better idea where chargers are located nearby.

The last update Tesla announced—also prefaced by a series of tweets from Mr. Musk—was the dual motor version of the Model S, which gives the vehicle up to 691 horsepower.

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