Scared over Spring Allergies? These tips might be for you

Spring has come, but many people might not enjoy it as this is also time for allergies.   Doctors warn public as the pollen count rises.

There are a lot of sources where pollen can come from. Trees, grasses and flowers are just a few. Allergens can be present anywhere especially in spring.

In spring, winds are more frequent. These can carry more pollen from various sources that can trigger an allergy.

Pollen count is at its highest between five and 10 in the morning. It is recommended to just stay indoors to avoid triggering an allergy.

Family, relatives and friends who came from outdoors should remove their footwear to avoid bringing pollen home, according to the BID Medical Center.

If going outside cannot be avoided, doctors recommend a right after to wash away pollen that gets stuck in hair and skin.

It can be tempting to mow the lawn during spring, but doing so might only stir up pollens.

Hanging clothes outside during spring is also not recommended. Pollen can land on the wet sheets and stay there.

Medications should be prepped and ready at all times in case an allergy is suddenly triggered despite all the precautions.

Dr. Mauli Desai, an assistant professor of medicine from Mount Sinai Hospital, said that people should be prepared for this spring.

“I always advise patients who suffer from allergies to prepare for a really bad season,” said Desai.

In the United States alone, about 10 to 30 percent of adults are affected by allergies. It may be just a clogged nose or watery eyes, but Desai said that spring allergies can trigger asthma too, according to NY Daily News.

Desai said that people should know what they are allergic to especially in spring as more allergens will be present in the atmosphere.

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