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Bad effect on the fetus in womb if smoking is not avoided

Numerous researchers have proved in their pilot study that smoking puts adverse effects on fetus and you may get a disturbed baby, as you can see in a picture below.

The series of pictures of the 4-D ultrasound scans, taken by Researchers from Durham and Lancaster universities, reveals how an infants in the womb open their mouths, cover their faces, and appear to “grimace” when their mothers inhale cigarette smoke.

According to the research, “fetuses whose mothers were smokers showed a significantly higher rate of mouth movements than the normal declining rate of movements expected in a fetus during pregnancy.”

Though further research is necessary to confirm the results, Professor Brian Francis, co-author of the study, said that technology allows us to see what was previously hidden, and that smoking affects the development of the fetus in ways we did not realize, concluding that, “This [research] is yet further evidence of the negative effects of smoking in pregnancy.” Teresa Mull

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