Face-painting can be cash Generator

The most respective evident means to make money with face-painting is to do it at children celebrations. Children have fun to spruce up as tigers, witches, butterflies and their most current superheroes so make certain you know ways to do these styles to keep the kids satisfied.

All you can do is be little creative & imagination and a lot of patience as you will most likely be working with children.

To begin with, you are required to perfect your design talent. There are lots of face-painting tutorials on YouTube showing you how to do particular faces and effects. Copy them using your family and friends as guinea pigs. Once you’ve perfected a few designs you will be good to get going.

To get started tell your friends and family to spread the word about your face-painting services. Also print a few eye-catching leaflets and put them up in your local area, libraries and community centres. You could even try posting your business card through letter boxes on your way home from work.

The Popular way to earn money face painting

The most obvious way to make money with face-painting is to do it at children’s parties. Children love to dress up as tigers, witches, butterflies and their latest superheroes so make sure you know how to do these designs to keep the little ones happy. It’s worth keeping up with the latest heroes such as Ninja Turtles or even Paddington Bear to be able to fulfil requests.

Another popular way to make money from face-painting is to offer your services at festivals, fairs and concerts. Rent a small booth or stall and offer small designs for the face, arms and neck.

Schools and nurseries also often require face painters for their annual summer and Christmas fairs, and sometimes even their school plays. You probably won’t get regular money coming in as they may only need you to come in once a month or maybe even less. Nevertheless it’s worth contacting nurseries and schools in your local area.

How much should you charge?

What you charge for your services is up to you but remember to make it reasonable or you won’t get many clients. For children’s parties you can charge per child or per hour depending on what you prefer. If you’re really good you could charge as much as £9 a head or maybe even more and for small festival designs you should charge around £2-£3.

Can you turn this into a full-time job?

If you want to start a business it will take time and it’s unlikely it will become your full-time profession for many years. However it is possible to make a business out of it if you build up your contacts and get regular slots at festivals and shows. Don’t leave your job straight away but if you do start getting regular work then you could begin taking it more seriously as a career option.

The Health and also safety

Before you get work with face-painting make sure you follow the right health and safety procedures – especially if you’re going to be working with children.

First make sure you have face painting products that comply with the EU and FDA toy and cosmetics regulations. The company you buy your paints from should have proof on their website that their products comply with these rules.

Working with children will also mean that you could be asked to present a DBS certificate. If you already work as a teacher, nurse or other profession that works with vulnerable people then you might already have one. If not then contact a DBS agency to get them to organise one for you. You can find out what a DBS check is and how to get one here.

If you will be trading in public places make sure you check with your local council whether or not you need a licence or public liability.

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