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Herbal Plus supplements, GNC strikes best deal with NY AG

General Nutrition Corporation (NYSE: GNC), After lasting legal scuffle, GNC Holdings Inc has finally sealed a deal with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman over their Herbal Plus supplements. Although repeatedly GNC was alleged against, their herbal products on varying grounds but GNC hardly showed hostility. Finally, GNC was declared authentic and permitted to sell.

Company has said its agreement affirms the relevant products were in full compliance with federal Food and Drug Administration “Current Good Manufacturing Practices.” The agreement also recognizes GNC’s full cooperation with the attorney general’s inquiries.

General Nutrition Inc said that in responding to the attorney general, it provided results of internal tests and those conducted by independent third parties. The Pittsburgh company said the tests gave “conclusive evidence” that its products are safe, properly labeled and in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Adding, GNC said that the tests showed that its products contain all herbal extracts listed on their respective labels.

Retailer has said the full assortment of Herbal Plus products have returned to all of its stores in the state of New York. The company also said it will expand its testing processes for supplement suppliers.

GNC Inc said that lawsuits were filed against it after the New York Attorney General’s announcement in February. The company said that it believes the lawsuits are “completely without merit” and that it will defend itself aggressively.

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