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Watch out shortest ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse in 100 years

A Total Lunar eclipse featuring ‘blood moon’ is going to take place this Saturday and this is the third time in this year when something like this is going to happen. The most peculiar thing about it is, it will last for just five minutes which is the shortest in the last 100 years.

The eclipse shall begin on April 4th at around 6.16 am ET, the moment when moon starts approaching golden center i.e. in the earth’s shadow. For the earth to completely overshadow the moon it will take around 1 hour forty minutes, which means moon will not be visible at 7.5 am ET.

For people residing on the eastern parts of U.S. they shall witness a day break whenever moon overshadows the earth. People living on the west, shall get the opportunity to see the lunar eclipse. To be precise, lunar eclipse shall last for a total of four minutes and forty three seconds and this is the time when people would experience darkness. At times, lunar eclipse also leaves redness in the sky which is mostly because of the day breaks occurring at the time of eclipse.

The eclipse can be seen with binoculars or with the help of telescope or people can even have a look with bare eyes. It is said the most important phase of lunar eclipse is when moon enters the outermost portion of the earth, while the second stage is known as half eclipse. The third stage is also known as complete lunar eclipse which is also known as overshadowing and the fourth stage is the time when moon starts moving far away from the planet or through the darkness.

Lunar eclipse appearing on Saturday is the third out of four lunar eclipses which are expected to happen in six months time. It also has been termed as one of the rare infinite occasions by the scientists.

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