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As Climate Change Polar bears are less likely to get food

With the global warming or Climate change polar bears may die in starvation. With the ice fast melting the bears are practically getting away from their regular food. They are doubtful to survive on land food.

The recent studies have found that polar bears consume the best lipid diet of any species, due to the high fat energetic meal that an ice seal provides. Terrestrial food sources for the bears, however, are lower in fat, and better in protein and vegetation. Polar bears cannot properly digest plants, and it might be tough for them to achieve enough fat from these food sources to survive.

“Although some polar bears could eat terrestrial foods, there is no proof the behavior is widespread,” co-author of the new study Karne Rode stated. “In the regions where terrestrial feeding of polar bears has been documented, the body conditions of the polar bear and survival rates have declined.”

In this most up-to-date study, researchers found that fewer than 30 individual polar bears are seen overwhelming bird eggs from anyone population, that typically vary from 900 to 2000 people. Basically, this behavior is not common and it’s unlikely to possess population impacts necessary to confirm their survival.

“The reports of terrestrial feeding by polar bears give necessary insights into the ecology of bears toward land,” Rode says. “In this paper, we have a tendency to try to place those observations into a broader context. targeted analysis can ease North American nation verifies whether or not terrestrial foods may contribute to polar bears, nutrition despite the physiological and organic process limitations and therefore the low accessibility of most terrestrial food resources. However, the proof to date suggests that redoubled consumption of terrestrial foods by polar bears is unlikely to offset declines in body condition and survival ensuing from ocean ice loss.”

The findings persist to point out that whereas the polar bears waste truth gain some calories from overwhelming a lot of terrestrial diet, they are unlikely to urge the total quantity of calories they have to thrive and even survive if they are forced to focus their looking solely in these areas, as a result of their inability to hunt their favorite food supply on the ice.

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