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Toll free number promoted by IRS to avoid waiting

Toll free number promoted by IRS to avoid waiting
With just one week left for the tax day, taxpayers are facing difficulties and are asked to wait for long hours to get their queries or questions answered at internal revenue service.

At IRS headquarters in midtown Atlanta, thousands of people have waited for hours to get answers to their questions, ranging from what to do about identity theft, to getting the proper W-2 forms, to trying to figure out exemptions.

There are ways to get around the long lines and waits.

11Alive’s Bill Liss took an informal poll of taxpayers waiting in line at the IRS offices, and found that very few of them knew of a way to get special attention or how to access the IRS website.

Taxpayers can, however, call a special toll-free telephone number to set up an individual face-to-face meeting with someone at the IRS. And unlike the “regular” toll-free number, the special number will not keep callers on hold for seemingly hours at a time.

In metro Atlanta, taxpayers can call 866-855-1778.

Taxpayer Jeanine Archie says she wishes she had known about it before waiting in line.

“I have called the (regular) 800 number on several occasions and have never spoken with a person,” she said.

Another taxpayer, Juleitte Fomekong, says she had been waiting for hours.

“I have been here for two hours, 30 minutes, and I spoke to the lady and she said I just have to wait,” she said. “It’s normal.”

Another way to avoid long lines is to visit the IRS website at IRS.gov. Many questions can be answered there without having to take the time to go to the IRS offices and settle in for what could be a long wait to speak to someone.

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