Hillary ‘Clinton’ to launch her campaign next Sunday

Hillary Rodham Clinton will launch the speculative end of the month which is seen by many as the most speculation related to the presidential campaign of 2016. The launch is determined with the topic of conversation along with an impressive selection of the economic needs of middle class families. As already known, if elected in 2016, then Hillary will certainly be the first female president in the history of the United States.

After campaigning through social media online, then Hillary will visit Iowa and New Hampshire, where many people have come to know that most supporters of the two regions. Some time ago, she has told the public at large, the reasons which led her forward in the presidential election in 2016. In fact, these reasons are listed in the epilogue that was released in 2014. Basically, the initial word into the opening is “Difficult Choice”. According to her, being a grandmother is the reason that accelerates itself to make concrete steps to change US and the world. It has been expressed implicitly in the preview in The Huffington Post. The launch marks the return of this preview Hillary after an absence of two years in US politics.

Broadly speaking, the approach offered Hillary is a personal relationship to any constituents that allows the realization of empathy, humor, and intimacy between mother and child. According to Sylvia Larsen, a Hillary supporter and former president of New Hampshire, Hillary is the best example of a leader who is friendly and down to earth. Sylvia illustrates that Hillary would serve America as a mother to her child. Strategy massive campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire seems to be the way Hillary to avoid incidents that made her fail in battle in 2008.

According to some of the major predictions lately, Hillary is unlikely to meet a balanced opponent in terms of popularity. Republicans responded with the usual calling Hillary as “Second Obama” where this party is trying to convince the public that she will continue Obama’s policies are less popular in the community. One of the political measures against Democratic campaign is running a congressional committee to review the attacks on the United States facilities in Libya as a criticism of her leadership during her lead in the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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