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GE will offer most of the financial units to investors for $90 billion

General Electric Co. will give back some of the money to the shareholders, as the company decided to return to the traditional path and leave the impression of a banking company. The restructuring plan will be run with 2 major stages, namely the sale of assets of $ 30 billion and the repurchase of shares amounting to $ 50 billion. As already known, GE shares have jumped to 8.5%. Tom Donino, co-head of equity trading at First New York Securities, has said that great changes have taken place and an end to ownership by institutional investors.

Share repurchase program will be funded by GE Capital. This program is the second largest in history after the program which is run by Apple Inc. GE shares on the market will be reduced gradually until only 20%, amounting to approximately $ 8-8.5 billion in 2018. GE has predicted positive effects of the plan, namely an increase in profit of $ 1.70 to $ 1.80 per share. It expected higher profits in 2018 and it can be achieved according to the analysis. Blackstone Group LP and Wells Fargo & Co. has affirmed that they can buy most of the assets of GE Capital Real Estate for $ 23 billion, and this is the highest agreement in the property market since 2007.

Jeff Immelt, GE’s Chief Executive Officer, said to all investors that he would strive for the greatest benefit of surgery industry in 2018. He has estimated that the profit will reach 90%. According to Jeff, market timing is very good if the terms of the asset value of financial services. The present era is the era in which the buyer is available in significant quantities. So far, the large size and has a big risk in its portfolio, GE is subject to a variety of financial supervision by the systemic regulation issued by the government.


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