Launch of ‘MacBook’, Too early to declare it a success

Calling the launch of MAC book a success would be an understatement, irrespective of the fact that customers are served with various colours options and configurations, the delivery of orders are getting delayed due to long shipping time.

“The new MacBook represents an exciting evolution in portable computing, but at this point it is more a proof of concept than your next computer,” concluded The Wall Street Journal in its review of the laptop, pointing out that most people still need two or three ports for their peripherals; the new MacBook only has one.  Fast Company had similar sentiments, as the publication said users would need to buy third-party adapters if they want to connect those peripherals and devices to the new MacBook.

“Replacing a bevy of connections with one diminutive port makes for a more attractive-looking computer, no doubt,” wrote Fast Company’s Harry McCracken. “The problem is that plugging in devices gets complicated fast, especially since virtually no accessories designed for USB-C are available yet.”  While he was also impressed with the futuristic look and feel of the new laptop, he stressed that owners will have to buy adapters a la carte, and perhaps end up paying a hundred dollars or more – old-school USB connectors typically cost about $19, while HDMI or VGA connectors usually sell in the $79 range.

There were some other complaints to be had, including the new MacBook’s rather prohibitive price.  Boston Herald’s Jessica Van Sack said that buyers will “love this MacBook” if they’re fans of Apple design, though she again brought up the single USB-C port as a weakness, as well as the machine’s $1,299-and-up price tag.

Overall, the new MacBook does seem to have its share of strong points, but if the above reviews are any indication, one USB-C port may really be too much, too soon for the average laptop user.

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