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Marijuana compound Shows Proof in Dosing Epilepsy in Kids

A Recent Research has revealed epilepsy that cannot be controlled by drugs are considered powerful enough to cope with epilepsy. The latest discovery lately indicates that cannabis extracts can be a solution to the treatment of epilepsy. This was stated by a study recently released some time ago. One of the experiments that have been done is giving Epidiolex, fluid extract of cannabis, to Hank, a child with epilepsy. It turns out that a change has occurred and the changes are positive. This raises the admiration of parents Hank. “We saw the results, he can smile again, and seizures have decreased” said the Hank’s parents some time ago to reporter.

Science Daily has reported that marijuana fluid can be used for children with epilepsy who have severe level. This study was presented recently at the American Academy of Neurology at the 67th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Epidiolex is a liquid extract of cannabis which is a non-psychoactive compound. Basically, the use of this fluid does not produce special effects such as the use of marijuana smoke through the pot. This research has been conducted on 213 participants with a range of different ages, from toddlers to adults’ ages and all of them suffer from severe epilepsy.

They were given the drug and marijuana was required to consume in liquid form by mouth and then the researchers will measure the frequency of seizures throughout the day after drinking the liquid. Studies on the overall participant lasted for 12 weeks and 54% of people have experienced reduced seizures. The interesting thing about this study is the type of treatment was able to provide a positive effect on patients with severe epilepsy. Thus it is said by Dr. Angus Wilfong, a leading neurologist at Texas Children’s Hospital at the Huffington Post.

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