‘Robot Chef’ will do cooking for you Automatically

Robot chef who can cook quickly for you is an idea that might be very interesting for anyone who is feeling lazy in cooking and preparing your food. So far, the robot is only used for industrial and agricultural activities, and nowadays people start trying to use robots in the household sector. Some people oppose this idea because they argue that this phenomenon would reduce the authenticity of the dishes are made, but the robot has many benefits and also advantages that are difficult offset by humans, one of which is on standardization. Robots do not have emotions, so it will not appear anxiety related delicious cooking results when the robot emotions are not in good condition. This is something that often happens when a man cooking where they are very susceptible to the condition of his emotions. Mechanical robot chef is being developed by Moley Robotics and is scheduled to be operational in 2017.

This robot has two perfect hands where movements mimic human motion. The design of this robot is a business that is not easy, but Moley applying special techniques embedded in the robot that use 3D camera that can record every detail of the movement of professional chefs. According to the company that is designing the robot, the robot chefs will be able to make up to 2000 dishes. This is fantastic considering the target man would not be able to make more than 100 kinds of dishes.

If you are feeling interested due to robot chef, you should understand how it works in outline. You only have to install a special application on your Smartphone where the robot will be connected to the “brain” of your Smartphone. It is interesting when we imagine can order our favorite menu at any time and in very much quantity.

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