Google is developing solid state battery to be more robust & durable

The battery is one of the determining factors in the selection of gadgets. Today, technology has improved a revolutionary battery. One surprising development is a solid-state battery is realized in a sheet of thin films. Lately, Google has made remarkable progress in the field of battery technology and is able to prove its products easily adopted in many products. Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj, a member of the Google X group is conducting a study has two objectives, namely to increase the ability of lithium-ion batteries and the development of solid-state technology. As already known, solid state technology can maximize energy density in a physical form.

In the past several years, Google has been venturing out to many other tech that utilized batteries. Developing its own in-house battery technology would seem to be a no brainer; as it could shape and mold however the energy source behaved. While there are other promising battery technologies by other companies or research labs, none of them has proven to be easily adopted into consumer products.

Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj, a member of a group within Google X is leading a project focusing on battery technology aimed towards consumer products. The current research will attempt to improve lithium-ion batteries and develop solid-state batteries. Solid-state batteries could be a technology that would change our portable energy consumption – with its high energy density and easily minimized in term of physical aspect. By using solid electrodes, solid-state batteries are much safer; even human implant application is not impossible.

How long until we will see these advancement into consumer tech? God knows when – but the more companies invest into better technology, the better outlook we will have over devices battery life. Wouldn’t it be great if you only need to charge your phone once a week? I would be happy even once every three days.

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