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Unused Ebola Clinic is a testament to the US’s mistake in medical intervention

Last year, many people are dying to death in some places as a result of the Ebola epidemic. Many medical personnel were overwhelmed and eventually overwhelmed in dealing with this dangerous epidemic. Many world leaders whose interventions are realized in a variety of medical and financial assistance in dealing with this terrible epidemic. President Obama has ordered the United States to carry out one of the biggest intervention in the medical world. This is evidenced by donating hundreds of millions of dollars and sends thousands of troops to establish a central facility to control Ebola outbreak.

Interesting things that can be observed from these interventions Obama is handling facilities Ebola many empty and not visited the patient for many years. Of the 11 units of care that have been made by hundreds of millions of dollars, as long as they only handle 28 patients with Ebola. According to many analyzes, it reflects a lack of proper analysis before medical intervention, and this step can be defined as a step which is not very effective. Even the treatment of 11 units made, 9 units have never had a single Ebola patients. Sure is a very vain, if funds totaling hundreds of millions of dollars cannot be used appropriately, but the funds can be used to help patients in a number of very much. These funds should be used to design a sustainable management program of Ebola from time to time.

Dr. Hans Rosling, a health expert from Sweden has said that the focus is to convince international organizations about the dangers of an outbreak of Ebola. He has said that one does not have to have extra ETUs in handling an outbreak of Ebola. Dr. Hans Rosling basing his views on the case of Ebola outbreak in Liberia and several other locations in western Africa.

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