Pfizer Breast Cancer Drug Exhibit Impressive Results

The drug against breast cancer Pfizer, Ibrance clinical trial has been delayed due to inefficiencies on the basis of the assessment of the independent Data Monitoring Committee (DMC), but after the problems have been solved from clinical trial was continued.

Ibrance also known as Palbociclib, the drug against breast cancer is undergoing Phase 3 study called PALOMA-three trials and has met its primary end and showed improvements in PFS PFS.

The drug was used in combination with Faslodex or fulvestrant AstraZeneca Plc, a drug widely used to block estrogen.

The trial was a success that patients taking fulvestrant Ibrance with much better results in disease progression than those taking only fulvestrant.

The study included patients who had breast cancer estrogen receptor-positive, receptor human epidermal growth factor 2-negative (ER + / HER2)

“The results of this trial are particularly important because they help us to understand the potential of Ibrance to improve outcomes for patients with this difficult to treat cancer. We congratulate to be able to stop the early trial,” said Dr. Mace Rothenberg, senior vice president of clinical development and medical affairs and medical director of Pfizer Oncology.

Ibrace drug was able to delay the progression of the drug more effectively compared to Novartis AG drug Femara.

Pfizer is awaiting the decision of the regulatory commissions on new drug against breast cancer.

Chris Schott, a JPMorgan Chase & Co. said the Ibrance make great sale on the market as the successful clinical trial will provide a drug benefit, which will make its market success.

Pfizer will make $ 5 billion with its new drug against breast cancer, says the analyst.

Other companies are working on developing a drug that can block cyclin-dependent kinases 4 and 6, a treatment for breast cancer.

Ibrance acts by blocking the cyclin-dependent kinase 4 and 6.

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