Google’s Latest Project: Tiny Glucose Monitors Teaming with DexCom

​DexCom, Manufacturer of Medical devices, Announced today it was teaming up with the life sciences division at Google to create a new type of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system for patients with diabetes.

Both organizations want to build a “bandage-sized sensor” that can connect to the cloud to help patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes track their glucose levels in real-time, according to the official announcement.

The hope is that these monitors can become the standard of care and replace the current finger-stick testing methods. A specific price range for these CGMs was not disclosed, but DexCom’s release specified the devices would be cost-effective and disposable.

The Verge adds that, “Dexcom will be building the sensors, while Life Sciences will be handling the miniaturization.” Google’s data analysis software will also play a role in synthesizing the information uploaded to the cloud to gain better insight into enhancing patient outcomes and cutting costs.

Andrew Conrad, Ph.D., leads Google’s life sciences division, which recently became a wholly owned subsidiary under the corporation’s recent restructuring.

Conrad’s team is working on a variety of projects to improve human health — like creating a new pill with the potential to cure cancer— but the miniature glucose monitor is the second diabetes-related R&D effort the organization has taken on.

Last year, Novartis agreed to help Google Life Sciences create a series of smart contacts that can track blood sugar levels through tear ducts.

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