The first photo of Google’s Smartphone Nexus 5 Leaked Online

It looks as if Nexus 5 is on course for a revamp. A photo has been leaked online, allegedly of the Nexus 5 in the middle of pic.

The leaked image shows off the back of a white Nexus phone with a projecting camera sensor as well as a circular fingerprint scanner. With an important “Not for Sale” sticker and the Nexus logo, the back part of the device features a small red circle that appears to be an LG sticker.

This particular photo features some of the features that were showcased in recent blue-print. These renders were evidently based on detailed factory schematic diagram sent out to third-party mobile makers.

Rumors suggested that Google was working with partners Huawei and LG to produce two new Nexus phones, one a 5.7-inch Huawei device, and another a 5.2-inch model with LG. A Huawei Nexus could be win-win for both Google and the Chinese phone maker, helping Google to strengthen its’s  presence in China, and simultaneously building the budding manufacturer’s brand in the United States.

One should hear more about the new handsets in the coming few weeks.

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