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High buildings and more jobs to increase US rent


Renting an apartment has become a costly affair, and this is clearly visible from the 14% increase in rent in comparison to the rents in the year 2010. Now, despite a surge in apartment construction, rents are projected to rise yet another 3.3 percent this year, to an average $1,161, …

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U.K. Stagnant inflation opens up shopping gateways for women


Dresses of woman, has been amazingly contributing and reflecting stagnant rate of Inflation in March. The price of clothes and shoes has decreased by 0.1 % in the month of March, wherein women dresses have been found as the major reason for overall decrease. Breaking with the usual pattern, prices …

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Netflix stocks to jump to USD 900


Netflix has reported good earning when market closed this Wednesday, and is progressing with its all time high in the market. The firm targets to have more increase i.e. from USD 400 to USD 900. Here’s what FBR analyst Barton Crockett said in the report: We are upgrading shares of Netflix, …

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Ben Bernanke shall be the adviser of Citadel


According to New York time reports; Federal Reserve former chairman is about to join Citadel, one of the biggest Wall Street’s Hedge funds as an adviser of the company. The former Federal Reserve board chairman is joining Citadel, one of Wall Street’s biggest hedge funds, as an adviser, the New …

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Philip Morris heading in pre market trading


Philip Morris International has been identified as leaders in pre market trading. Trade ideas have also identified the company as international because of different factors. Trade-Ideas LLC identified Philip Morris International ( PM) as a pre-market leader candidate. In addition to specific proprietary factors, Trade-Ideas identified Philip Morris International as …

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Alamos Gold and AuRico Gold to merge


This Monday, Alamos Gold and AuRico Gold announced their agreement to the merger, creating a combined market capitalization of approx USD 1.5 billion and investing in mining friendly projects in Canada and Mexico. The merger marks the latest among smaller miners looking to offset a drop in gold prices and …

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