Anti-Vaxxers guilty for Disneyland Measles Outbreak

disneyland meassle outbreak  

According to the recent report from the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics publication, all fingers will point to the anti-vaccination movement for the recent messle outbreak in Disneyland. “The ongoing measles outbreak linked to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, shines a glaring spotlight on our nation’s growing …

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Lack of Sleep can cause Rise in Blood Pressure, say Study

lack of sleep  

Getting a good night sleep gets harder these days since we are occupied with too much problem. New study says insufficient sleep leads to raised blood pressure at night. The Centers for Illness Manage and Prevention (CDC) say insufficient sleep is a public wellness epidemic in the US. Insufficient sleep …

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US and Russia are still World’s Biggest Gun Dealers


United States and Russia respectively are two of the biggest gun suppliers in the world. Following them is China, replacing Germany in the top three weapon dealers, study says. Russian weapons were exported to 56 countries, with India, China and Algeria making for almost 60 percent of total sales, said …

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A. Schulman is set to Acquire Citadel Plastics for $800 Million

a schulman  

Plastics giant A. Schulman Inc, will be buying Citadel Plastics for $800 million. The move will expand product portfolio into specialty plastics as well as gain access to new industries. Chicago-based Citadel, a portfolio company of private-equity firms HGGC and Charlesbank Capital Partners, engineers specialty thermoset composites, which are used …

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Coke tells Consumer that its Product is Now Healthy


World’s Biggest soft-drink maker Coke tells Consumer that its product is healthy. Seems like a crazy thing, but the company has been working with several fitness experts to back them up in this new thinking. Coke is working with fitness and nutrition authorities who suggest its cola as a healthier …

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Tad Smith leaves MSG to be one with Sotheby


Madison Square Garden loses Tad Smith as the latter resigns as it president by March. But, Smith will be one of the head of Sotheby’s auction house, Reports claimed. Smith, 49, has headed Madison Square Garden (MSG) since Feb. 2014, overseeing strategy and day-to-day operations of MSG Sports, MSG Media …

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