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E-cigarette smokers Less likely to quit smoking


According to a recent study by the University of California School of Medicine, San Diego, is that people who smoke electronic cigarette are less likely to quit smoking. For the study smoking behaviors in 1,000 smokers was monitored in California. The researchers found that 49 percent of people who use the …

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SAVOR review by US FDA committee


According to latest announcement by AstraZeneca, FDA EMDAC has found that the SAVOR results showed an acceptable cardiovascular risk profile with the use of saxagliptin in patients. straZeneca will also conduct further investigation to better understand the signal of hospitalisation for heart failure found in the SAVOR results. The Advisory …

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E-cigarette maybe harmful due to its flavored vapor


A recent study said that electronic cigarette was not healthy, because its flavored vapor can cause irritation of mucous, although the FDA has approved its steam consumption. Thus the conclusion of the study was written by James F.Pankow, a professor of chemistry and civil engineering and environment at Portland State …

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Experts warn increasing of tick-borne plague


Recently winter effects are pretty terrible, namely plague fleas. Heavy snow has acted as a protector for plague-carrier ticks of Lyme causing increased significantly tick population. “Most people think that they are safe in the city, but these small creatures have sprung up in semi-urban areas, on the playground, and …

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Fatal Tick-Borne Virus is popping up in New Jersey


Experts have expressed concern for fatal tick-borne virus and is known to have caused human deaths, which can be now on the loose in New Jersey. Known as the Powassan virus, the state led to the fatality of Warren County woman, 51 years old, two years ago and “seems to …

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Pfizer Breast Cancer Drug Exhibit Impressive Results


The drug against breast cancer Pfizer, Ibrance clinical trial has been delayed due to inefficiencies on the basis of the assessment of the independent Data Monitoring Committee (DMC), but after the problems have been solved from clinical trial was continued. Ibrance also known as Palbociclib, the drug against breast cancer …

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Exaggerate eating increase high blood pressure


A recent study published in the American Journal of Hypertension has found an association between the frequencies of eating with hypertension. According to scientists, there is a close relationship between food away from home, high salt intake, intake of high calorie, and high saturated fat intake with hypertension. In the …

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