Anti-robots protest rise at SXSW to protect human roles


‘Stop the Robots’ organization protested over the weekend at South by Southwest against the emergence of AI and intelligent robots so that such technologies don’t take over human roles. The group’s goal isn’t to stop all robots and AI. Rather, the group is trying to further the message that some …

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Treatment for American and African Ebola patients vary

ebola patients  

Ages ago, the treatment between American and African are different. Things change since then, treatment, but is that true. Reports say that the treatment between Ebola patients from American and African are different. The latest American aid worker to contract Ebola overseas, last week in Sierra Leone, was swiftly evacuated …

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Dementia Study gets an Additional $100 million


Several leading drug makers and the British Government are backing the fight against dementia. The new study for dementia is said to get in excess of $100 million funding. The global Dementia Discovery Fund is unique in focusing on a single difficult to treat disorder and in bringing together industry …

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Adobe Launches Cloud-based Service, New Mobile Apps

cloud service  

Adobe has come with cloud-based service along with couple of new mobile apps to offer more simplicity to consumers and business houses in editing, sharing and managing work with digital documents. Adobe’s new technologies are designed to help consumers and businesses speed up transactions and eliminate literal paperwork. “This is …

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State Dept. takes network offline after malicious attack

state department  

The State Department is putting all the efforts to remove malicious software from its unclassified email system by Russian hackers. It had also shut down the network over the weekend. The State Department released information on Friday about the shutdown, though it did not specifically note email or hackers. “As …

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Apple TV Service coming this Fall Season

apple tv  

Apple may come up with its own online TV service by this fall. It is in talks with programmers and probably to start with 25 channels including CBS, ABC and Fox. For now, the talks don’t involve NBCUniversal, owner of the NBC broadcast network and cable channels like USA and …

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Himalayan Yeti is species of brown bear: Study


It is claimed the mystery of legendary shaggy, bipedal beast yeti living in remote Himalayas has been solved as its hair samples revealed to come from Himalayan brown bear. “There is essentially no reason to believe that they [the hairs] belong to a species other than the brown bear,” said …

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