LHC will now discover What is dark matter


The LHC, World’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, is all set to be rebooted again this month-end to discover more findings on “what is dark matter”. It was the Hubble telescope which for the first time discovered dark matter and dark energy. It further enlightened that noticeable matter is …

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Most Parents use social media to tackle child health

social media  

A Recent Survey shows most parents use the social media to discuss child health and parenting to their children. The survey comes from University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children. Over 50% of mothers and 30% of fathers tackles child health and parenting on social media, and the majority say using …

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Malathion Insecticides also affects Humans too, IARC says

malathion insecticide  

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said that people should stop using malathion insecticides since the carcinogenic might have unhealthy effects on humans. The results were issued in the online edition of the Lancet Oncology journal. It seems that insects are not the only group that can be …

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Family of Health Workers, who died due to Ebola gets $5k

health worker  

The government of Liberia has been paying the families of health workers, who died while doing servicing Ebola patients. Ebola has killed many patients and in some cases, even the health works. Tolbert Nyenswah, who leads the government’s Ebola response, said Thursday that 11 families have received $5,000 each so …

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