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Rosetta and Philae found Comet 67P is not magnetised


Rosetta and Philae has been taking measurements simultaneously when several probes landing occurred on Comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko. These measurements have shown clearly that the comet nucleus is not magnetized. Studying the nature of comets was able to give a lesson to us about the role of magnetic fields in …

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Mosasaurs never given birth on the beach


Recent publications in the journal paleontology stated that mosasaurs gave birth at sea and never to the beach to lay their eggs. Scientists say that mosasaurs are dinosaurs that can give us an understanding of the birth in the sea. Aaron LeBlanc, a co-author asserts that this latest statement has …

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Milky way ‘Baby Boom’ formed Sun


The baby boom at galaxies has produced a star which is much faster than the rate of today’s galaxies. It has been found to be 30 times faster than today’s rate. Scientists have discovered that our sun in the solar system was a late bloomer they believe that baby bloom …

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‘Power pricing’ weak, Inflation flat in China


The inflation data for March has bought in positive signs for China, wherein inflation rates remained indifferent and it has also bought in signs of cut in worries in terms of deflationary pressure. That has led many to predict more easing measures in the pipeline, including more cuts to reserve requirement …

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