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Astronauts on ISS to carry smart glasses: NASA

smart glass  

NASA announced its astronauts on the ISS space station will in near future be equipped with smart glasses that have been designed by Osterhout Design Group (ODG). The ODG has been awarded a contract by NASA to provide the space agency’s astronauts with electronic, smart glasses. The glasses will be …

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Carrot will lose Taste due to Climate Change: Scientists

climate change  

Australian scientists fear climate change will also have great impact on consumers similar to problems faced by farm lands. They believe carrots will lose its taste and steaks will be of poor quality. In the recent report – “Appetite for Change” – leading scientists from the University of Melbourne, Professors …

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Bigelow, NASA debuts Expandable Space Station

nasa 3  

The future of spacecraft is to feature expandable systems. A project launched by Bigelow Aerospace in association with NASA for $17.8 on March 12 is the first example. It is dubbed as Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) Since it is inflatable, the module is manufactured to expand like air mattresses; …

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California may face megadrought after a year: Scientists

mega drouht  

Californians need to worry more than earlier thought in terms of megadrought. Scientists say only one year of water reserves is left. “The state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing,” Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist …

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Anti-robots protest rise at SXSW to protect human roles


‘Stop the Robots’ organization protested over the weekend at South by Southwest against the emergence of AI and intelligent robots so that such technologies don’t take over human roles. The group’s goal isn’t to stop all robots and AI. Rather, the group is trying to further the message that some …

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Himalayan Yeti is species of brown bear: Study


It is claimed the mystery of legendary shaggy, bipedal beast yeti living in remote Himalayas has been solved as its hair samples revealed to come from Himalayan brown bear. “There is essentially no reason to believe that they [the hairs] belong to a species other than the brown bear,” said …

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NASA launches mission to Study Magnetic Reconnection

magnetic reconnection  

NASA’s four satellites successfully launched to study magnetic reconnection phenomenon. It is now reported the satellites have been positioned perfectly in the Earth’s orbit as aimed. In orbit, each of the four satellites will unfurl several antennae—as long as 196 feet—and eventually extend to a 94-feet tall and 396 feet …

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