Toxic relationship between the education & mortality rate education, Less Education leads to shorter lifespan

A recent study as found those who study less would lead to shorter span of life, so its important for people to study to be able to live longer and Heather. The Researchers have determined that the lack of education can be as toxic as being a current smoker, on the basis of the estimated number of deaths that can be linked to differences in education.

Virginia Chang, associate professor of population health at New York University School of Medicine, said, “In public health policy, we often focus on changing health behaviors such as diet, smoking, and drinking.”

The study has been published in journal PLOS ONE Education and it suggests that education is a fundamental and upstream driver of health, behavior and disparity and therefore a key element.

The team of researchers has studied data of more than a million people from 1986 to 2006 for estimating the number of deaths which could be attributed to low levels of education in the U.S.

For understanding the impact education on mortality they studied people who had been born in 1925, 1935 and 1945 and noted the causes of death, which includes cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The number of deaths estimated by researchers in 2010 in the US population for two scenarios with relevance for policy had been having less than a high school degree and also having some college but not a bachelor’s degree.

It had been found that 145,243 death could have been saved if adults who didn’t finish high school actually went ahead for earning a high school degree that is comparable to the estimated number of deaths which could be avoided if all the current smokers had the mortality rates of former smokers.

Furthermore, 110, 068 deaths could be also have been saved if adults who had some college education went ahead to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Patrick Krueger from University of Colorado Boulder said, “Our results suggest that policies and interventions that improve educational attainment could substantially improve survival in the US population.”

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